I need you to know something. I'm Sharon, but I'm a different Sharon. I know who I am. I don't have hidden protocols or programs lying in wait to be activated. I make my own choices. I make my own decisions. And I need you to know this is my choice

-Sharon Valerii, Battlestar Galactica-

- 28/09/2011: 60 Game Of Thrones Icons.
- 27/01/2011: Stock Icons - Winter and Coffee.
- 4/11/2010: 42 Stock Icons -Autumn and Rain.
- 6/09/2010: 23 Spring Stock Icons.
- 29/05/2010: 20 Glee Icons. 30 Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers icons.



How to credit + Rules

WELCOME TO MY ICON ARCHIVE, here you can find all the icons I post on Livejournal, the best and the worst icons that I ever made, but I know that I need to improve a lot *lol*, you only must respect a few rules:


- If you are going to use my icons on LJ I'd like a little credit: <lj user=xiperita> at <lj comm=xhicons>. This is the best way for the people who take a look at your icons and they like an icon to know who has made it. (You are free to use them whatever you want but not hotlink).

- My icons usually are textless and THEY ARE NOT BASES. They are not simple resized images, I usually change their colour and it takes time to make each one. Do NOT redistribute, claim or alter.

- PLEASE DON'T HOTLINK. Upload them to your own server please, this is a paid hosting so I have to give money in exchange for it. Thank you. Photobucket or Tinypic are FREE.

- These icons are made only by hobby, I'm not the Copyright owner of the images I use for my icons, I don't make icons or graphics for money so I don't have any intention to violate any copyright, if there is any problem please send me an email and I'll remove the icons as soon as posible. (Credits & Resources)

- And please, forgive me for my imperfect english ;-)

- Visit: xHicons @ LJ - My icon journal.




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